I got a new job and I'm moving to San Francisco in 2 months. (No, it's not with Google.)
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I will be in nova for a bit. Something like Saturday morning through Thursday morning. Hang-outs may be possible. Call me! (If you do not have my number ask and ye shall receive.)

How to pick the winner of the World Cup.

Is the Cup hosted in Europe? Bet on the home team.

Is the Cup hosted outside of Europe? Bet on Brazil.

That correctly picks the winner nearly half the time-- 8 out of the last 17 Cups!

A European side has never won the Cup outside of Europe. Only one non-European team has won the Cup in Europe (and they had Pele!)

Remember how 2002 was so exciting and full of surprise teams? Many pundits seem relieved that the traditional powers are back on top; the strong performances from Korea and the USA were clearly flukes.

.. or maybe the European teams were not quite as strong on a neutral field.

In the last 4 Cups in Europe (France 98, Italy 90, Spain 82, Germany 74) European sides have posted a 61-20-30 record, with 208 goals for and 90 goals against (1.87 - 0.81 per game).

In the last 4 Cups outside of Europe (Korea/Japan 02, USA 94, Mexico 86, Argentina 78) European sides have posted a 49-44-29 record, with 160 goals for and 147 goals against (1.31-1.20 per game).

Mopis in CM98

Mopis got a nice review in the latest issue (nr 98) of Computer Music, as part of a round up of something like "Top Six Plugins You Might Have Missed." I don't think it is available in most US bookstores/newstands yet, but a UK user was kind enough to pass it along.

Choice quote: "Verdict: It may look simple, but there's more to Mopis than meets the eye. At this price, it's got to be worth considering. Rating: 8 [out of 10]"

Update wait, I forgot the choicest quotes:

"...thick, punchy bass patches of the sort you'd expect to hear from an ARP or Moog clone."
"...some outlandish sounds that'd sound right at home on a Skinny Puppy record..."